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Bhairahawa Customs collects Rs 290 million plus in 12 days

Bhairahawa Customs collects Rs 290 million plus in 12 days

Bhairahawa Custom Office has collected more than Rs 290 million in revenue during the days of lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection. The Office collected Rs 292.5 million in revenue from March 24 to April 4, according to the information section at the office. 
A total of 199 LP gas bullets, 35 petrol tankers, 12 diesel tankers and 1,317 other good-loaded trucks were passed via the check point during the period, said Chief at the Bhairahawa Customs Office, Kamal Kumar Bhattarai. Rice, green vegetables, fruits, surgical and medical equipment, soaps, and other goods were also imported from India during the lockdown, said Information Officer at the Office, Punya Prasad Lamsal. The second largest customs office in the country, Bhairahawa Customs has set a target to collect Rs 266.7 million in revenue on daily basis. 
The revenue collection has been affected due to the lockdown, added Lamsal. Saying that imports of food grains, potatoes, onion and green vegetables has not decreased, Vice-chair at Bhairahawa branch of Customs Agent Association, Madhu Prasad Panthi, added revenue collection has decreased as jeep, cars, motorcycles, motor spares, electrical equipment have not been imported. Though the government has suspended the movement of people via customs check point, import of goods has not been stopped. —

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