Collected swab from Udaypur sent to Koshi Public Health laboratory

The throat swab of 91 people collected from the district has been sent to Koshi Public Health Laboratory for COVID-19 testing today. According to Udaypur District Health Office, swab of 83 suspected people was collected on Sunday while eight on Monday and sent to the Laboratory for test. 
According to office Chief Mohan Subedi, swab was collected in Muslim community of DM Gate in Gaighat, locals of Motigadha and Bhulke areas. He added that the report of the sample would be received by Wednesday. The swab collection bid was intensified in the areas following the demand of locals. Swab of 324 people has been collected so far in COVID-19 infected Bhulke area but more test is expected to be confirmed, Subedi added. 
About 300 households are desperately expecting for test in the village owing possible infection as the village has witnessed a significant number of COVID-19 patients.

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