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Home Ministry instructs its bodies to tighten lockdown

Home Ministry instructs its bodies to tighten lockdown

The Home Ministry has instructed its subordinate bodies to ensure effective implementation of lockdown against the global pandemic of coronavirus. Issuing a circular to all district administration offices today, the Ministry has asked them to ban the movement of vehicles sans earlier permission.
Though the lockdown rules for movement of vehicles were unofficially relaxed slightly during the evening time to rescue destitute workers and those left stranded in the midway, now most of them have been rescued, the Home Ministry said. 
According to the Ministry, it has sought no green signals to those vehicles without earlier permission, bearing in mind the increased risk of COVID-19 infection while coming into contact with crowds and travelling through vehicles en masse. The Cabinet meeting on Sunday decided to extend lockdown till May 7. So far 52 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the country.

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