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Karnali State govt starts preparation for annual plan, policy and budget

Karnali State govt starts preparation for annual plan, policy and budget

Although the lockdown across the country continues, the Karnali State government has started preparation to come up with annual plan, policy and budget for the fiscal year 2020/21. 
The State budget amounting to Rs 32 billion is aimed to be unveiled amidst the ongoing lockdown. The Karnali government decided to resume the government offices to perform essential administrative works for annual budget preparation. All the government offices in the State had remained closed for nearly a month during the nationwide lockdown enforced by the federal government to help prevent and control the COVID-19. 
Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives Bimala KC, also spokesperson of the Karnali State government, shared that the government offices would remain open to release budget as per the decision of the State Disaster Management Centre. “The staffers will observe precaution and perform their duties as the offices resume here,” said KC.
The constitution mandates that the state government should unveil budget on the first day of Nepali month Asar (mid-June). Plan and polices for the new fiscal year should be brought one week prior to that. Minister for Finance and Planning of Karnali State Prakash Jwala said that the budget for prevention, control of COVID-19 and treatment for the infected ones would be provisioned for the new fiscal year.

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