DoL to monitor whether or not hotels giving salary to their staff


Kathmandu – The Department of Labour (DoL) is monitoring whether or not the hotel entrepreneurs have given salary for the month of Chait to their workers and staff. The Department is carrying out monitoring in this regard after complaints that some hotel entrepreneurs have not given the remuneration for the month of Chait despite the government’s directives calling on all industries and enterprises to compulsorily give the salary for the month of Chait to their employees. The entrepreneurs had agreed on this topic during discussions with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security on Monday.
DoL said the Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) and the Joint Trade Union Coordination Committee will facilitate in the monitoring. Likewise, the Labour and Occupational Security Department, and the Labour and Employment Office would follow-up on this, Ministry’s spokesperson Suman Ghimire said. The Ministry has urged all the sides concerned to make arrangements for paying the salary of workers by utilising the economic facilities provided by the government. —