Prakash Bikram Khatri being appointed as CEO of Jyoti Life Insurance Company Limited.

Prakash Bikram Khatri is being appointed as Chief Executive officer of Jyoti Life Insurance Company Limited. Mr Khatri, is currently working as Deputy CEO, of the company. The process of appointing CEO will be completed by Sunday.
Mr. Prakash Bikram Khatri has rich experience in both national and international banking. He started his career with Barclays Bank UK where he worked with teams across the globe mandated to provide world class cutting edge service to it’s clients with use of technology. 
In Nepal, he spent almost half a decade with Laxmi Bank leading large transformational projects related to business operations and technology. He has also served as a Director of NIC Asia Bank, one of the biggest brands in banking in Nepal and Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited, the leading name in life insurance business in Nepal. Mr. Khatri has been with JyotiLife since the inception of the company and has been leading the organization since the start.

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