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Birendranagar municipality brings budget of Rs 1.42 billion

Birendranagar municipality brings budget of Rs 1.42 billion


Birendranagar municipality of Karnali state has presented a budget of Rs 1.42 billion for coming fiscal year 2020/21. The budget presented by officiating Mayor Mohanmaya Dhakal (Bhandari) in the seventh municipal assembly of the municipality has allocated Rs 904 million towards current expenditure, Rs 516 million towards capital expenditure and Rs 8.80 million towards fiscal management. 
The budget brought for coming fiscal year is less than Rs 190 million as compared to current fiscal year’s budget. The budget has given priority to agro, health, education, entrepreneurship and infrastructure sectors. The municipality has allocated Rs 50 million for the prevention and control of COVID-19. The budget has also given priority to recognize non-communicable diseases, its prevention and cure and as well as launching free test of different diseases including uterus cancer. 
Different programmes including carrying out development construction through private public partnership model keeping municipal development in priority ahead, giving continuity to city bus park construction have also been included in the budget. The municipality has incorporated the programme to develop Kakrebihar as a zoo in order to develop it as touristic area as well as to develop Deutibajyai, Bulbule, Ghantaghar and Gadhimai as eco-park in the budget. Similarly, minimum educational infrastructure would be developed in order to ensure all children to the access of basic education.

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