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Daily wage workers mobilized in local development activities

Daily wage workers mobilized in local development activities

With the extended lockdown in place, many daily wage earners lost their jobs in the district. As the relief distribution was not continued, Rolpa Municipality-4 began mobilizing the workers in construction activities. With the employment for development activities, the local levels need not provide additional relief materials. 
The Municipality said it began providing jobs instead of relief materials so that even the development activities would be expedited together. “The people in all 10 Wards in the Municipality will be provided works. A total of Rs 110 million has been allocated for it,” said Municipality Mayor Purna KC, adding that the amount will be spent in the works prioritized by the wards. The local development activities are constructions of school building, small irrigation projects, road, pond, trails etc. Every ward will get Rs 1.1 million, according to the Municipality.
The construction activities would be carried out in an environment-friendly manner. No big equipments as dozer and excavator will be used. “The local level activities are conducted with direct participation of people by conserving environment,” KC said, adding that it will help generate jobs. It is more effective scheme than relief distribution for ensuring people’s livelihood. As many as 1,000 people could be given works for 10 days.

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