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Deliberations continue on state government budget

Deliberations continue on state government budget

Deliberations that began Wednesday on the budget of the Karnali state government for the fiscal year 2077/78 also continued on Thursday. Taking part in the budget deliberations of the Karnali state assembly on Thursday, chief whip of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NC) Karnali state assembly Gulab Jung Shah commented that the people’s road programme was removed from the budget this year. 
He drew the state government’s attention towards constructing the houses of flood-affected people forced to stay under tent and addressing the woes of the people’s representatives at local level. Likewise, whip Sita Kumari Nepali said the budget was said to be adequate for addressing the pandemic and unemployment however it will create suspicion when the budget amount in figure was missing. Likewise, state assembly member Dang Singh Pariyar questioned whether or not the budget would be capable in mainstreaming Dalits. The budget was of bourgeoisie nature, he said, urging the government to implement the budget to benefit Dalits and disadvantaged groups. 
Another state lawmaker Thammar Bista said the budget should not be centralized on chief minister and office of the council of ministers. Also taking part in the deliberations were Dharma Raj Regmi, Ganesh Prasad Singh, Krishna Shah, Raju Nepali, Dinabandhu Shrestha, Yagya BC, Jhowa BK, Padma Khadka, Badmikwari Bohora, Amrita Shahi, Soshila Shahi and Bir Bahadur Shahi among others. Karnali state assembly Speaker Raj Bahadur Shahi informed that the deliberations on budget will continue today as well.

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