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Employment programme creates 127 jobs in village

Employment programme creates 127 jobs in village

With the beginning of Prime Minister Employment Programme, a total of 127 youths have been provided with jobs in Rawabensi Rural Municipality in Khotang district. Under the programme, people below the poverty line and unemployed for long or their family members were selected to help their livelihood. Chair of the rural municipality, Leela Nath Niraula, said that each youth would be given Rs 517 per day and employment users’ committee has been formed to mobilize the youths. “With jobs at home, the locals are elated,” Niraula said.
The youth are asked to construct the drainage, maintain the ward offices and health posts, paint the school buildings, make school gardens and the like for the proper utilization of Rs 2 million budget. Employment Fund’s Coordinator Kumar Prasad Dahal said that the employment users’ committee was keeping the records of those employed youth. Even during the spread of coronavirus, the youth are working from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm by maintaining physical distance. The rural municipality is also monitoring the performance and progress of the given tasks.

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