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Gandaki State to widen tax ambit

Gandaki State to widen tax ambit

Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of Gandaki State Kiran Gurung has said that tax ambit would be widened in the State to ensure internal income growth.
In the budget announced yesterday, the Gandaki State has targeted to collect Rs 4.6 billion plus in revenue At a meet the press today organized by Economic Affairs and Planning Ministry regarding the State’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year, Gurung stated that those running businesses should register their firms in the government bodies. “The business firms must be registered in the state’s bodies. The state should be informed about the income source of every individual. It is the every citizen’s responsibility to pay tax to the state after making income,” the Economic Minister said. 
On the occasion, Gurung shared that despite the target of Rs 3.25 billion in revenue for the current fiscal year, the State government collected 60 per cent of the revenue target so far adding that it was affected due to the ongoing lockdown order.

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