Hetauda sub-metropolis presents budget of Rs 2.86 billion

The Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City has unveiled the budget of Rs 2.86 billion for the upcoming fiscal year. Deputy mayor Meena Kumari Lama presented the annual estimate of income and expenditure of the local government for the fiscal year 2020/21 amidst the sub-metropolis’ seventh town assembly meet here today. As she said, budget has been allocated for the operation of old Churiyamai tunnel route based in near the Churiyamai temple along the Makwanpur-Bara border and advancement of the Manmohan View Tower at Hetauda sub-metropolis-1 . Besides, the local government announced to provide monetary assistance to the bereaved families of COVID-19 victims. 
Management of biological waste, production and promotion of alternative energy and the implementation of projects on the constructions of parks in commemorations of noted political figures BP Koirala, Ganeshman Singh and Manmohan Adhikari were the priorities of the budget. According to deputy mayor, a separate dialysis service for kidney patients will be available in the Hetauda hospital soon. Mayor Hari Bahadur Mahat pledged to implement the projects concerning environment improvement, drinking water and road projects, sewage management, tree transplantation and corona insurance for journalists with top priority. 
Bagmati state chief minister Dormani Poudel has said infrastructure for development could long last if there is change in people’s thought, mentality and behaviour