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Karnali State budget practical: State Minister Jwala

Karnali State budget practical: State Minister Jwala

Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning in Karnali State Prakash Jwala has claimed that the budget the State government brought for the coming fiscal year was practical and implementable. Furnishing response to the queries the lawmakers made on the budget during the State Assembly meeting on Saturday, Minister Jwala said the budget was brought based on present need and context. 
“The budget for the coming year is focused on preventing famine and epidemic, and creating jobs. The administrative cost has been slashed to 15 percent and current expenditure contained to 34 percent while the capital expenditure increased” he added. According to him, the State government has equal burden to seek revenue sources and identify and mobilize internal sources. “When the present difficult time subsides, the under-construction projects will be expedited,” he said, adding that the claim of six percent economic growth was made with these conditions. 
Jwala is of the view of intensifying the construction of strategic physical infrastructures. He however said as the budget size was not enlarged, there were no new programmes. So, the pending and under-construction projects are prioritized.

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