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Run business following safety measures: Federation

Run business following safety measures: Federation

Nepal National Entrepreneurs Federation has urged its members to run business only after following minimum criteria for the safety determined by World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Population. Issuing an appeal today, Federation Chair Naresh Katuwal requested all entrepreneurs to follow criteria as cases of coronavirus is increasing day by day though the government has somehow relaxed the lockdown. 
It asked all to adopt security alertness as it is compulsion to resume business to save economy as problem has been seen in country’s economy due to coronavirus. Chair Katuwal also drew attention of all to follow minimum criteria for the safety set by WHO and Health Ministry, keeping ‘Let’s be safe ourselves and save others too from coronavirus’, slogan in mind. The Federation has appealed to customers and entrepreneurs to maintain minimum social distance, to use mask compulsory, use sanitizer and wash hand with soap and water.

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