Can Homeopathic drug ‘Arsenicum album 30’ prevent corona virus infection ? Here is a fact check by Dr. Saurav Sen Oli


Homeopathic drug “Arsenicum album 30” can’t prevent corona virus infection . The novel corona virus is the latest pandemic that has emerged from Wuhan, China which is declared as a global health emergency .
The ministry of Ayurveda ,Yoga and Neuropathy , Unani , Siddha, Sawa, Rigpa and Homeopathy of India released two advisories via PIB on the preventive and treatment measures that can be taken for the corona virus epidemic .
One of the advisories was using the Homeopathic drug “Arsenicum album 30” as a prophylactic medicine for the prevention of infection .
Fact check :
1.Evidence for Arsenicum album 30 for corona virus 
– No studies were found about the effect of Arsenicum for corona virus in humans or animals (In VIVO ) or (Ex VIVO ) to study drug efficacy.
2.Evidence of Arsenic um album 30 for any infection 
– Only one paper was found , published in British homeopathic Journal (Kanye and Rafferty 1994) 
For it’s use in Neonatal diarrhoea in Calves but was found to be statistically invalid by Verdier ,ohagen,and Alenius in 2003 .
Thus , Arsenicum album 30 hasn’t been proved or researched scientifically by homeopaths to cure Corona virus or any other infection in human .
References :
Kayne , S.and Rafferty.A (1994)
De Verdier ,K,Ohagen,P., And Alenius S. (2003) 
AYUSH ministry of India

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