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Tokha Municipality unveils budget of Rs 1.58 billion

Tokha Municipality unveils budget of Rs 1.58 billion


Giving top priority to education and health care services, Tokha Municipality in Kathmandu has brought the budget of Rs 1.58 billion for the fiscal year 2020/21.
Deputy Mayor Gyanmaya Dangol tabled the budget on Wednesday in the seventh municipal assembly by allocating Rs 1.44 billion for capital expenditure. Likewise, Rs 141.5 million has been allocated for the current expenditure of the municipality. The municipality has allocated good chunk of budget in the health care service in view of pandemic coronavirus infection. 
As proposed in the budget, Rs 30 million is for health sector, Rs 16 million for education, Rs 5 million for agriculture and Rs 3 million each for women development, livestock service and cooperatives. Prior to the budget, Mayor Prakash Adhikari had tabled the municipality’s policies and programmes in the municipal assembly for the upcoming fiscal year.

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