Viber launches Group Video Calls for up to 20 people together!


Viber has launched its new Group Video Calls feature in Nepal, enabling group video calls for up to 20 people with unlimited duration. Inspired by the tremendous success of Viber’s Group Audio Calls feature, the added support for video meets the growing demand for large video calls to replicate face-to-face conversations and conferences.

Social distancing has compelled people to rethink the way they gather in groups, making alternative online meetups not only convenient but necessary. From chefs running cooking classes to yoga instructors training their pupils to master breathing cycles, all working groups need a secure, efficient online platform.

Viber’s Group Video Calls are easily accessed from the Viber app, with support for work-friendly features like screen sharing and video broadcasting for both mobile and desktop devices. Together with Viber’s group chats and group voice calls, this new way of face-to-face communication is an ideal way to cope with the new normal.

Starting a Group Video Call is easy. Just tap the new “video” button added to the top of the screen, or simply add more participants to an ongoing video call.

Group Video Calls give the speaker the floor, displaying their video for all participants. Users can choose to privately pin anyone’s video to their personal screen during the call. Users can also mute themselves or disable their video during the call, as well as see if other participants are on mute or if their video is turned off.

“We’re excited to enable users to participate in video calls with up to 20 people, and we’re going to expand this further