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Chitwan secondary school waiving rent of Rs 3 million

Chitwan secondary school waiving rent of Rs 3 million

Bharatpur–based Chitwan Secondary School has waived shutter rent of one-and-a-half month amounting to Rs 3 million for business persons. The school took the decision of waiver taking into consideration the impacts on business turnover by lockdown imposed against COVID-19. 
According to the school management committee chair Dilliram Lamichhane, the school has been monthly raising Rs 2 million from shutter renters. “We have waived the shutter rent of one-and-a-half-month which amounts to Rs 3 million”, Lamichhane informed. The Chitwan Medical College premised on the school land is paying a rent of Rs 5 million every month, the school sources said. 
The school management committee has decided to waive the rent to all business excluding Chitwan Medical College and a petrol pump which is on court case. Chair Lamichhane said the school has been annually collecting rent Rs 300 million from its all land and shutters. Acting on an application of a businessperson citing inability to pay rent for zero business due to lockdown, the school management committee took the decision.

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