NEPSE witnesses negative circuit

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has postponed share transaction today after it witnessing a decline of 6.2 percent. The share market had however recorded consecutive increase by six per cent in the last two days. With 6.02 per cent fall, the NEPSE index reached to 1256.11 points. Even the sensitive index plunged by 17.99 points. A total of 142 companies made the transaction of Rs 530 million with total 1.61 million units of share. 

Among 11 subgroups making transactions, all subgroups except collective investment fund met with decline in share today. Although the Investment Fund's share increased by 0.01 points, the banking sector recorded plunge of 87.14 points, hotels of 128.37 points, development banks of 76.35 points, hydropower of 34.95 points, non-life insurance of 178.31 points, production of 128.52 points, and life insurance a fall of 608.61 points.
Published Date : July 02, 2020


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