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Karnali State endorses FY 2020/21 budget

Karnali State endorses FY 2020/21 budget

The Karnali State unanimously on Wednesday approved its annual budget for the fiscal year 2020/21 from the sixth convention of the State Assembly. Prior to this, Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi and Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Prakash Jwala had responded to the queries of lawmakers over the budget allocation in different headings.
Following the response from the Chief Minister Shahi and Minister Jwala to the assembly, the motion proposed by Minister Jwala in the State Assembly was passed unopposed. On June 15, the government of Karnali State had presented the budget of Rs. 33.74 billion for the upcoming fiscal year 2020/21 Of the total budget of the State, Rs. 19.69 billion has been allocated to capital expenditure and Rs. 11.67 billion for recurrent expenditures. Likewise, Rs. 2.99 billion has been allocated for financial management.

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