Revenue Rs 1.6 billion collected from Tataopani Customs

Revenue amounting to nearly Rs 1.6 billion has been collected from Nepal-China northern checkpoint, Tatopani Customs Office, in the fiscal year 2019/20. 

As no annual target was set in regard to the collection of revenue from the office in the fiscal year, it was raised under the headings such as custom duty, value added tax, agriculture reform and road improvement tax, informed Tatopani Customs Chief chief Lal Bahadur Khatry. The checkpoint remained closed since 30 January following an outbreak of coronavirus and resumed from 8 April 2020 onwards. 

According to the Customs Office, major goods imported via the checkpoint were medicines and medicinal materials, fruits, electronic appliances, ready-made garments and shoes.
Published Date : July 19, 2020


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