Shuklagandaki municipality passes budget of Rs 1.10 billion for coming fiscal year


The Shuklagandaki municipality has passed the budget of Rs 1.10 billion for the coming fiscal year 2020/21. The seventh municipal assembly of the municipality passed the policy and programme and the budget. The budget for the coming fiscal year is increased by Rs 240 million compared to current fiscal year’s budget, according to the municipality.
Mayor Kisan Gurung said that the budget has given priority to infrastructure, agriculture and tourism. The municipality has allocated Rs 157.7 million towards infrastructure, Rs 21.1 million towards agricultural development, Rs 17.6 million towards health, Rs 11.8 million towards tourism promotion and Rs 10.1 million towards livestock service.
Similarly, two million rupees have been allocated towards industry sector, Rs 21.0 million towards Environment and Disaster Management, Rs 11.9 million towards institutional good governance and fiscal management, Rs 39.2 million towards education, Rs 3.3 million towards youth and sports, Rs 17.6 million towards health sector, Rs 20 million towards drinking water and Rs 2 million for culture promotion, added Mayor Gurung.

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