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Cent percent usage of renewable energy stressed

Cent percent usage of renewable energy stressed


Energy experts in a webinar here today univocally emphasized cent percent usage of renewable energy, stating that Nepal has abundant of possibilities for producing solar, biomass and wind energy. The viewed that if reliable energy system was developed through integrated smart grid and energy storage technology, Nepal could be self-reliant in energy. It would also address the issues around energy security in the country.
At the webinar organized by the Kathmandu University, Alternative Energy Centre and Nepal Renewable Energy Association, participants shared that Nepal was currently generating 1,300 megawatt of energy and was likely to produce 3,000 megawatt of energy in next three years which would give impetus to operation of solar and wind energy power plants. They also viewed that electricity could be used in economic activities besides household use to decrease imported fuel for which a collective effort is underscored among the government, development stakeholders and private sectors.
National Planning Commission’s member Dr Krishna Prasad Oli shared that the 15th Five-Year Plan of the government had taken up several goals on development and promotion of renewable energy. He opined that if those goals were realized, Nepal would be able to sell surplus energy to neighbouring countries too. Similarly, former Minister Ganesh Shah pointed out the need to increase the source utility of renewable energy and if renewable energy is employed in agriculture production to storage and marketization, Nepal could be self-reliant in agro-produces. Australian National University’s scientist Prof Andrew Blacker spoke of the need for Nepal to replace traditional and fossil fuel with solar, wind and biomass. 
Energy expert Prof De Jagannath Shrestha pressed for development and promotion of renewable energy as it was environment friendly and cost-effective than other source of energy. Kathmandu University’s registrar Prof Dr Subodh Sharma and Prof Dr Sunil Lohani and Centre’s Dr Laxman Prasad Ghimire among others had shed light on the challenges facing the production of renewable energy in the Nepal. They had also shared the progress Nepal made towards this end.

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