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Gandaki State to expand agriculture and livestoick services

Gandaki State to expand agriculture and livestoick services

Gandaki State government is set to reach out agriculture and livestock services to all 11 districts. In order to end compulsion for service recipeints to reach anotehr idtsricts to access the services, the Gandaki State is planning to set up agriculture and livestiock offices in the districts which do not have seperate office for service delivery. 
Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooepratives Lekh Bahadur Thapa Magar informed agriculrue knowledge centre will be expanded in five additional districts and veterenary hospital and livestock experts’ centre will be set up in four more dfistricts. Presenlty the agriculture knowledge centres are available in six districts of the State and will be expanded in Nawalpur, Kaski, Baglung, Manang and Mustang districts. Likewise, new experts’ centres will be stationed in Parbat, Nawalpur, Manag and Mustang districts. Currenlty there are experts’ centre in seven districts. 
In absence of offices in all the districts, one office has to look after service delivery in another district as well. He further informed that preparation was underway to manage human resource and organizational adjustment so as to esnure service delivery easy and accessible from all districts of the State

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