Gold price hits Rs 102 thousand 500

The price of gold and silver which has remained unstable in the international market due to the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a sudden surge in the domestic market today. The price of hallmark gold, which was Rs 101 thousand 400 per tola (11.66 grammes) on Wednesday increased by Rs 1,100 today. The price of hallmark gold has been fixed at Rs 102 thousand 500 per tola soon after the market opened, Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers Associations stated.
Similarly, the price of worked gold has been fixed at Rs 102 thousand 200 per tola. The price of silver has also increased by Rs 50 per tola as compared to its price on Wednesday. The price of white metal is Rs 1,345 per tola today. The bullion price is going up continuously since the imposition of the lockdown for stemming the spread of coronavirus infection. The price of gold increased by Rs 10,400 per tola and reached Rs 87 thousand on June 7.

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