Nabil Bank’s Interest Rate Rebate for All Loan Customers

Keeping in mind the fact that economic activities continue to be disrupted through the first month of the fiscal year, Nabil Bank has given a one-time rebate of 0.25% on the rate of interest for the month of Shrawan 2077 to all of its good loan customers.
Mr. Anil Shah, Chief Executive Officer, stated, “Keeping in mind the continued difficulties faced by individual and institutional customers who have taken loans from Nabil Bank, we have given a rebate of 0.25% on the rate of interest charged to all our good loan customers. So regardless of which loan you have availed of from the Bank, whether an individual has taken an auto or a home loan, or a company has taken a hydro loan, or any other loans in between, if the loan repayments have been good, the Bank has given a rebate on the interest to be paid for the month of Shrawan 2077. This is in keeping with our commitment to always move Together Ahead, so that we can get through these difficult times.”
The rebate amounts have already been adjusted when calculating the interest for the month of Shrawan and the benefit passed on to the customer. The Bank has recently made the highest contribution of Rs. 6 crores to the Coronavirus Sankraman Roktham, Niyantran Tatha Upachar Kosh. Likewise, the Bank currently has plans to establish Nabil Infectious Disease Prevention, Control and Collaboration Center (NIDPC) in all 7 provinces as an initiative to control and fight such pandemics.

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