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Sharp drop in bullion price

Sharp drop in bullion price

The price of gold dropped significantly in the domestic market today. According to Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association, today the price of yellow metal fell Rs 6,200 per tola ( 11.66 grams) in compared to the previous day. The fine gold is traded at Rs 95,400 while the price of worked gold has been fixed at Rs 94,900 per tola. 
On Tuesday, the price of fine gold was Rs 101,600 per tola followed by Rs 101,000 of the worked gold. Similarly, today the price of silver dropped Rs 225 per tola compared to Tuesday and is traded is Rs 1,210 per tola. The price of yellow metal has heavily plummeted in international market as well. The price which exceeded US dollar 2,000 per ounce has fallen to US dollar 1890.55 per ounce today. Federation chair Mohan Kumar Sunar said the fall in the domestic market was the outcome of internal market. They are studying about the cause of gold price fall in the world market.

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