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2GB data bonus when upgrading to Ncell’s SIM 4G

2GB data bonus when upgrading to Ncell’s SIM 4G


Ncell Axiata Limited has introduced an attractive bonus plan on Tuesday (February 6) for customers who upgrade their SIM from 3G to 4G.Under this plan, customers who upgrade their SIM to Forge will get 2 GB of 4G data as a bonus.This attractive plan is brought by Ncell under its new campaign ‘Fast Forward Life’. The campaign seeks to move forward faster with digital power, rethinking the future.

With high speed mobile broadband 4G, various online activities such as games, video streaming, online classes, use of social media and various other tasks can be done easily.To upgrade SIM, Ncell customers can easily upgrade their SIM card to 4G free of cost through their nearest Ncell Center, Ncell Store or Ncell’s official dealer. Customers can take advantage of high speed internet service by giving their used 3G SIM card and getting a 4G SIM.The bonus 4G data under this plan will be valid for 7 days. Other services that customers will get after upgrading to 4G include data pack purchase, bonus data, better data service experience, more memory to save contacts and SMS.

In order to use the 4G service, the customer must have a place with 4G SIM, Forge support mobile and Forge network coverage. Customers can find out if their SIM card is a 4G SIM by dialing *324 or sending an SMS to 324 with the capital letter ‘Q’.

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