Arun Valley Hydropower’s profit from electricity sales increased by Rs 47 million, net profit increased by 102.04%

Arun Valley Hydropower’s net profit has increased. The company has earned a net profit of Rs 88 million by mid-Push. The company’s profit is 102.04% higher than last year.
Last year, the company had earned a profit of only Rs 133.682 million. The company has increased its revenue from other sources from Rs 193 million to Rs 65.3 million. As a result, net profit has been positively affected.Revenue from electricity sales has declined by 25.23% till mid-January. Last year, it had earned a profit of Rs 47 million from the sale of electricity. The company has a reserve fund of Rs 144.3 million, earnings per share of Rs 13.77 and net worth of Rs 114.46 per share.

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