Nepal Infrastructure Bank’s IPO will be distributed on Friday, lucky 492 thousand will get 60 shares

IPO result
Nepal Infrastructure Bank’s (NIFRA) IPO 492,000 will get 60 shares. Share issue and sale manager
NIBL​S Capital made the pre-allotment of the bank’s IPO on Wednesday. Capital will distribute the IPO at its office on Friday at 10 am.Of the IPO applications, a total of 1.47 million applications have been duly received and 6,276 applications have been rejected. Investors who have applied for more than 10 lots and those who have applied up to 50 lots will get as many shares as they demand.
Applicants who demand 60 lots or more will get 10 more lots through round robin.Capital has stated that 492,020 shares will be distributed through round robin. A total of 1.194 million applicants will be included in the round, while only the lucky 492,000 will get a maximum of 60 shares by adding 10 more shares to the bank. The bank had issued 80 million shares at the rate of Rs 100 per share, ie a total of Rs 8 billion, from January 2 to January 20.

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