Prabhu Bank Limited earned a net profit of Rs 1.51 billion in the second quarter

Prabhu Bank Limited has made public its financial statements for the second quarter of the current fiscal year. The bank has increased its net profit by 39.86% to Rs 1.51 billion in the second quarter. Similarly, most of the indicators of the bank have improved so far.The increase in net interest income and operating profit of the bank has led to increase in net profit of the bank. The bank’s distributable profit increased by 9.72% to Rs. 999.8 million during the period. Similarly, operating profit increased by 42.73% to Rs. 2.14 billion.
Bad debt decreased by 1.06% to 2.06%. Distributable profit, on the other hand, declined by a modest (0.03%) to Rs. 999.85 million.The bank’s earnings per share has increased by Rs 4.65 to Rs 26.66 and its net worth per share is Rs 147.29. By this time, the bank’s deposits had increased by 25.85 percent to Rs 162.02 billion, while loans had increased by 26.82 percent to Rs 126.05 billion.

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