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Rastriya Banijya Bank connects with Khalti Digital Wallet to ease payments

Rastriya Banijya Bank connects with Khalti Digital Wallet to ease payments

Rastriya Banijya Bank has connected with Khalti Digital Wallet for all kinds of governmental payments, including taxes. Consumers that have to make payments to the government via RBB can use the Khalti Digital Wallet to pay all government taxes and revenue through their smartphones.
The agreement was signed in the presence of Rastriya Banijya Bank Chief Executive Officer Kiran Kumar Shrestha, Deputy Executive Officer Devesh Prasad Lohani, and Amit Agrawal, Director of Khalti.Now, the taxpayer can easily pay VAT, property tax, business tax, and other service charges of all revenue offices under the Inland Revenue Department directly from Khalti. The taxpayers have been relieved of the hassle of going to different offices and waiting in long lines.Started in January 2017, Khalti is an emerging mobile payment solution in Nepal.
It provides various utility bill payment services, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, domestic flight booking, movie ticketing, event ticketing, hotel booking, newspaper subscriptions, and payments at online shopping sites among various other digital payment services. Khalti is a licensed Payment Service Provider from Nepal Rastra Bank. Currently, more than a million people regularly use Khalti for various bill payment services.

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