Shares of Nepal Life Insurance traded higher at Rs 9 billion despite the market declining by 16.55 points on Thursday.

On Thursday, the last trading day of the year, Nepse has declined. The NEPSE index dropped by 16.55 points to 2425.29 points as compared to Thursday. According to the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), 218,69,258 shares of 209 companies were traded at a turnover of over Rs 9.71 billion today.Even today, Nepal Life Insurance has the highest turnover.
The company has a turnover of over Rs 564.8 million. After that, the transactions have been done by Prime Commercial Bank and Nepal Bank respectively.Today, all but three groups have declined. Similarly, investors of Suryodaya Microfinance have earned the most while investors of Siddhartha Equity Fund have lost the most.

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