The sale of 34 lakh 96 thousand 400 lots of IPO of Green Life Hydro will be open from January 8

Greenlife Hydropower’s IPO will be open for sale from February 5. The company is about to open sale of 34,96,400 IPOs with a face value of Rs 350 million per 100 units. The company is going to sell 1,686,400 shares to the public, which were not sold to the locals before. Out of which IPO, 1 lakh 74 thousand 820 shares have been allotted for collective investment funds and 69 thousand 928 shares for employees. The general investors will be able to apply for the remaining 32 lakh 51 thousand 652 lots.
Applications for the company’s IPO will have to be submitted by February 10, and investors will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 100,000 lots in the IPO. All C-ASBA members who have received approval from the Nepal Securities Board for the IPO of the company can apply from banks and financial institutions and their designated branch offices. The company’s share issue and sale manager is BOK Capital. Green Life is constructing 40 MW Khanikhola 1 Hydropower Project in Marbu VDC of Dolakha.

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