The stock market reached 2374.64 points, continuing to rise

Share market
The stock market also rose on Thursday. The NEPSE index has risen by 31.87 points to 2374.64 points as compared to Wednesday.According to the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), 18 million 96 thousand 820 shares of 209 companies were bought and sold today, resulting in a turnover of over Rs 7.79 billion.

Today, Nepal Life Insurance has the highest turnover. The company has a turnover of over Rs 533.3 million. After that, the business has been with NECO Insurance and Nepal Reinsurance Company respectively.Today, all but two groups have grown. Similarly, the investors of Microfinance have gained the most today while the investors of Narayani Development Bank have lost the most
Published Date : January 21, 2021


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