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Employment opportunities are increasing in ‘Pathao’

Employment opportunities are increasing in ‘Pathao’

The popular ride-sharing platform ‘Pathao’ has seen an increase in the number of people registering for Pathao with daily online training. In this context, to keep the door of employment open, Pathao has been conducting daily ‘Basic Training for Pathao Riders’ online, according to a statement issued by Pathao Nepal Pvt. The training, which has been conducted in the office before Corona Virus was seen, is now conducted online to take care of health security. A statement signed by Asimman Singh Basnet, Regional Director of Pathao Nepal Pvt. have included that before lockdowN, 200 riders were given training and had started the pathao services.
  • How to get connected with pathao?

First you have to go to Pathao’s office in Madhya Baneshwor and register your name and phone number. Then the gender of online training is received through SMS on mobile. Training can be taken at the specified time by opening the link.The online training facilitated by Sequel Nepal Pvt. Ltd. lasts for about an hour. The training teaches you how to use the Send app, how to register and upload documents. The training also explains how to deal with customers and insurance policies. The training also provides tips on how to solve problems that may arise during the ride and the rules of the company.

The training, which is being conducted twice a day, can be taken at 8 am and 2 pm. The training, which is conducted seven days a week, is being conducted only on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.
After the training, the rider has to upload the required documents (citizenship, blue book, driver’s license) in the Send app. Bikes owned and financed in the name of family members can also be used.
The rider can start work after the document is verified by the sender within 3 days of uploading

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