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Ncell brings multiple consumer-friendly relief offers

Ncell brings multiple consumer-friendly relief offers

Ncell Axiata Limited has launched multiple consumer-friendly relief offers, aiming to address the need for communications services and help people stay connected during the ongoing hard times resulted from the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Connectivity is always essential-it’s even more critical during this public health crisis that’s challenging everyone. 
Offers ranging from a heavy bonus on data packs, attractive work from home plans to more options for taking Ncell Saapati will contribute towards ensuring access to essential telecommunications services at more affordable rates. This is the time when people are required to maintain social and physical distancing as a pre-emptive measure to come together to combat Covid-19. Ncell believes that these offers help customers to stay in touch with family and friends during this difficult time and to seek supports in case of any emergency.
Data bonus on every recharge: Ncell has launched an offer in which customers get a data bonus on every recharge of Rs. 50 and more. In this attractive offer, if customers top-up the main balance with Rs. 50 to Rs. 99, they receive bonus data of 50 MB with a validity of 1 day. Customers who recharge balance with Rs. 100 to Rs. 199 are entitled to get 100 MB bonus data valid for 2 days. For those who top up the main balance with Rs. 200 to Rs. 299 are eligible to get 200 MB data which has a validity of 3 days. Likewise, customers who recharge balance Rs. 300 to Rs. 499 get 300 MB data with a validity of 5 days. And the customers who recharge Rs. 500 to Rs. 999 and Rs. 1000 and above get bonus data of 500 MB and 1000 MB respectively.
Double data on 30-day data packs: Effective from Tuesday (May 04), Ncell has launched double data on 30-day packs for all customers. In this offer, customers get an equal volume of data pack as a bonus, making double data service available at the same rate. They can buy a 3.5 GB data pack at Rs. 249 (including taxes) and get an additional 3.5 GB as a bonus. Likewise, customers buying 6 GB at Rs. 399 and 10 GB at Rs. 499 will be getting 12 GB and 20 GB data volume respectively in total including bonus data.
Work from home plans: For customers who need to study and work remotely from home during this tough time, Ncell has launched a daily data pack a weekly data pack. In the daily data pack, customers with Rs. 31 (including taxes) get 2 GB app data (to use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet) that can be used between 6 am to 6 pm. They also get 150 MB of all-time data which can be used for any other purpose. Similarly, there is an option of a 7-day pack in which customers get 14 GB app data and 3 GB all-time data for just Rs. 127. Customers can dial *17123# and choose work from home plans from the option. Once the volume in the data pack is consumed, the standard pay-as-you-go rate will apply.
Get bonus while buying packs from digital platforms: With the prohibitory orders in place in many districts enforced to contain the rapidly growing COVID infection, it is difficult for people to find recharge cards in the market easily. Customers can buy Ncell’s products and services easily from digital platforms-Ncell App, Chatbot, and website. That is not all; they can also take benefit from bonus data ranging from 150 MB to 2 GB while buying 1-day (Rs. 18), 7-day (Rs. 98), 14-day (Rs. 139) packs, and 0.5 GB to 0.75 GB more bonus data in 7-day (Rs. 109), 10-day (Rs. 147) and 30-day (Rs. 459) Triple Majja packs.
More Ncell Saapati offers: Ncell has also increased the amount of Ncell Saapati. With this, customers can now take saapati of up to Rs. 80 at the same existing service fee. That is not all; customers can take 1200 MB as saapati and pay Rs. 82.55 (including service fee and taxes) later. They can also take 15 min of talk time (Rs. 12.55) and 200 MB (Rs. 22.55) as saapati valid for 1 day. When customers run out of their main balance, they can simply dial *9988# and take saapati as per their need.

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