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South Korea to aid emergency medical support $ 200,000 to Nepal

South Korea to aid emergency medical support $ 200,000 to Nepal

South Korea has pledged immediate medical support of 200,000 US Dollars to leverage Nepal’s effort to control the coronavirus. The medical support is to be made available under the aegis of Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA)’s National Coordination Council South Korea. Issuing a press release, NRNA South Korea shared this information.
It may be noted that on behalf of NRNA Korea its chair Yagyaraj Subedi and general-secretary Dr Bimal Subedi have kept South Korean lawmaker and President of Nepal-South Korea Parliamentary Committee Yoon Sang-hyun and South Korean government minister Kho Yang-yin abreast of second wave of the COVID-19 in Nepal and also requested the South Korean government for necessary support.
In response to the request, South Korean government has decided to provide emergency medical support worth 200,000 $. The medial support would be dispatched to Nepal in coordination with the Nepali Embassy in Seoul. For big and long-term assistance, Korean Embassy in Kathmandu is making further coordination with Nepal government, general-secretary Dr Subedi shared while quoting lawmaker Kho Yang-yin.

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