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Civil Hospital receives health support worth Rs 11.8 million

Civil Hospital receives health support worth Rs 11.8 million

The Minbhawan-based Civil Hospital has received medical assistance worth amounting to Rs 11.8 million. Bagmati Province Assembly member Deependra Shrestha took the initiative to raise support and hand over them to the hospital. The medical support, including ventilator, oxygen cylinder, PPE, gloves, oximeter, face shield and emergency trailer worth Rs 11.8 million was arranged with support from Choice Humanitarian, a social organization. Province assembly member Shrestha informed that the support was collected and handed over to the hospital so as to enable its plan for the establishment and operation of oxygen plant. It may be noted that the Bagmati province government had granted Rs 20 million to the hospital for the plant setup.
‘The support was mechanized when the hospital required the need of Rs 10 million for the purpose of oxygen plant’, Shrestha told. Hospital’s executive director Bidhannidhi Poudel said province assembly member Shrestha had handed over the emergency health support materials in the troubled times. “It was easier to ensure health service in a smooth manner with the handover of such support when there was a short of medical appliances and equipment for not being able to complete the procurement process”, he added. Executive Director of the supporting organization, Prateek Sharma said the health materials were made available to the Civil Hospital based on the need on its need for delivering emergency health services in the time of coronavirus pandemic.

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