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Farmers given paddy seeds in subsidy

Farmers given paddy seeds in subsidy

Madhyabindu Municipality in Nawalpur district has provided quality paddy seeds to farmers in 50 per cent subsidized rate. The municipality distributed the paddy seeds in a subsidized rate after purchasing it through open bidding process. Chief Administrative Officer of Municipality, Narayan Prasad Sapkota, said that farmers from all wards in the municipality have got the seeds. Such an initiative was taken to facilitate the farmers to ensure their access to quality seeds and prevent them from being cheated, Sapkota argued.
‘The municipality has provided quality seeds in grant as a relief to the farmers,” he said. It is stated that the municipality bought paddy seeds at Rs 72 per kilogram through open tender and provided it to the farmers at the rate of Rs 36. Sapkota shared that a total of 4,500 households were distributed as high as 51,300 kilograms of paddy seeds. After receiving the quality paddy seeds in time at a subsidized rate, the farmers in the municipality have expressed their excitement.

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