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Former Minister of State Budha aids Rs 300,000

Former Minister of State Budha aids Rs 300,000

Elected House of Representative member from Dolpa and former minister of state Dhan Bahadur Budha has provided financial support for the procurement of medical supplies to fight against coronavirus. The former minister aided Rs 300,000 to the campaign of saving the lives of the district people from second wave of COVID-19. He donated Rs 200,000 to the ‘Citizen rescue fund’ being operated in the district and Rs 100,000 to the ‘Helping Hand’ Dolpa.
Parliamentary member Budha said that the fund collection campaign initiated by youth campaigners is highly appreciated so he also donated contributions to the procurement of most essential medical supplies for the prevention of coronavirus. Campaigner Balkrishna Dangi said the most essential health equipment will be purchased and handed over to the hospital and health posts.

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