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eSewa Money Transfer partners with INTELIEXPRESS Worldwide Money Transfer to offer remittance service from Europe to Nepal

eSewa Money Transfer partners with INTELIEXPRESS Worldwide Money Transfer to offer remittance service from Europe to Nepal


eSewa Money Transfer, one of the emerging remittance companies of Nepal and a subsidiary of F1soft International, has partnered with INTELIEXPRESS Worldwide Money Transfer a Georgia -based remit company to provide remittance services from Europe. This agreement allows Nepalese migrants residing in United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus, Georgia and Italy to easily send money back home to Nepal.

With the agreement into effect, the sender can easily send cash remittance to Nepal and the beneficiaries in Nepal can receive the remittance from eSewa Money Transfer’s 8000+ payout locations spread across Nepal and also have the option to load the money directly in their eSewa wallet. 

About INTELIEXPRESS Worldwide Money Transfer

INTELIEXPRESS is fast worldwide money transfer system, founded in 2006 in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is the first Georgian money transfer system licensed in EU, UK, Georgia, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet States. INTELIEXPRESS operates in more than 50 countries worldwide and is rapidly growing year over year. The system has its own branches in Greece, UK, Italy, and Georgia. Besides it has partnership relations with various banks and money transfer systems all over the world. Based on both own service points and partner’s ones INTELIEXPRESS covers almost all continents and is still focused on expanding its network.

About eSewa Money Transfer

eSewa Money Transfer is one of the fastest-growing remittance companies in Nepal that offers a blended model of world-class remittance services to Nepalese around the world. Our service offerings are comprised of traditional agent-based remittance services with 8,000+ strong agent networks coupled with a host of non-traditional, digital modes of transfers with access to 4.3 million+ eSewa mobile wallet users and bank accounts of 54 different banks, where sending and receiving money is as easy as giving a few taps on a mobile phone. Incorporated in the year 2019 and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank under foreign exchange regulation, eSewa Money Transfer is a part of F1soft Group that has been empowering more than 11 million population and 100,000 entities across the country through innovative fintech based payment services.

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