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Fusemachines Launches First-of-its-Kind AI Training for Nepal’s Non-Technical Audience

Fusemachines Launches First-of-its-Kind AI Training for Nepal’s Non-Technical Audience

Fusemachines Inc, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, talent and solutions provider, today announced the launch of AI2Go Workshop, its newest AI training program. The comprehensive online course spanning four weeks will benefit professionals with zero or limited computer science or technology knowhow as well as those with related skill sets but no AI background.
The goal of the program is to help equip participants with foundational training in AI and enhance their ability to think creatively about AI and machine learning (ML) and their application in respective businesses. The program will feature eight live online sessions, complete with practical programming lessons and guest lectures given by AI experts, including notable professors and scientists from the US.
‘Almost two years ago, we launched our AI Shikshya for Nepal initiative to introduce high quality AI Education opportunities to every corner of the country,’ said Sameer Maskey, CEO of Fusemachines. ‘As we continue to train hundreds of computer science and information technology students in AI, we also want to acknowledge the proliferation of AI across all industries. We are particularly encouraged by the interest shown by the non-technical professionals in Nepal for AI training and understand that to advance our journey of ‘Democratizing AI’ in Nepal, it is critical that we offer similar AI training opportunities to non-technical professionals as well. Only then can we be truly successful in advancing both AI education and career opportunities in Nepal.’
The course can be accessed both on desktop and mobile and will include additional reading materials participants can peruse anytime within the period of the program. By the end of the AI2Go Workshop, participants will have gained knowledge of ML, AI, deep learning, classification, and regression, a sound understanding of ML workflows, computer vision, natural language processing, dataset and AI model creation, as well as basic working knowledge of Python needed for building ML models.
‘Despite growing awareness around AI and a collective urgency to jump on the digital transformation bandwagon, there is evident lack of knowledge around the subject and an appalling dearth of related talent,’ said Bülent Uyaniker, Senior AI Researcher at Fusemachines.’ Through critical training initiatives such as AI2Go, we are delivering the much needed access to AI knowledge, while also empowering Nepal’s professional community to reskill, upskill and apply their learnings in their existing fields or pursue a purely AI-focused career.’
Prior to launching AI2Go, Fusemachines has rolled out similar initiatives, including AI Shikshya for Nepal, ongoing strategic training partnerships with Nepal’s educational institutes, and certification programs such as Foundations in AI and Microdegree™. For more information on the AI2Go Workshop and registration details, visit fuse.ai/ai2go.
About Fusemachines Inc.
Founded in 2013, Fusemachines is positioned to disrupt the business landscape through our AI talent and service offerings. Led by our CEO, Sameer Maskey, PhD, Adj. Assoc. Professor at Columbia University, we help organizations that recognize the importance and potential of AI, but struggle to find skilled AI engineers. Our teams will help you strategize and identify the right problems, create AI solutions, and make your company AI-enabled.
Another part of our mission to Democratize AI is making AI education globally accessible. With the largest tech companies pushing their uses and applications, making them more present in our daily lives, there is a greater need than ever for qualified engineers. To enable this disruption, we seek to find and nurture talented engineers throughout the world and bring them into the global AI market.

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