Premier Steel: First Company To Receive NS Certification For 36mm


Premier steel becomes the first tmt company to receive NS mark for 36mm category. 36mm rods are used in heavy constructions like hydroelectricity, bridges and dams. Previously, big projects in Nepal were bound to import 36mm rods from India or other countries & there were delays in the process. But now with the NS certification of Premier Steel, there is no need for import.

Premier steel, Manufacturer of Fe 500, Fe500D Graded TMT Rebar, Torkari Steel, Binding Wires & SWG is the largest Steel manufacturer in State 1 with daily capacity of more than 800 MT. They produce different sizes of TMT bars ranging from 8mm to 40mm.

‘We only use prime billets to produce our TMT Bars which ensures superior quality. 36mm NS certification is also a proof of our quality. Our products are manufactured by computer-controlled machines resulting in consistent mass and remarkable surface finish with accuracy in bar diameter.’, says Sourav Sharda, Sales & Marketing Director of Premier Steel.

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