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Kia All Set to Reveal 2021 Sorento Hybrid SUV in Nepal

Kia All Set to Reveal 2021 Sorento Hybrid SUV in Nepal


With Brand’s first Hybrid SUV in Nepal, Kia takes a major step forward in its strategy for Hybrid vehicles in Nepal. ‘The largest Hybrid SUV’- these are not just words that necessarily inspire people when it comes to cars. Korean auto giant Kia, however, has managed to find a way to make the concept very compelling with its Kia Sorento Hybrid packed with 7-seater capacity. Kia SUVs have made an impact on the Brand with its record-breaking sales figures in past year, now presses ahead into a future in which, the new Kia Sorento Hybrid will not just devour the roads but also endeavor the environment faster than we can imagine.

Powered by a 1.6l TGDi turbo petrol engine and a 1.49 kWh battery mated with 44.2 kW electromagnetic motor, the 2021 Sorento is not only the big SUV that can take on any terrain but is also a green alternative towards our cleaner and greener future. The hybrid motor is based on TMED structure with parallel drive system which shifts by wire through a full gearbox making the drive thrilling. The New Sorento not only gives an unmatched power but also unmatched fuel tank mileage of 1054 km on a full tank. The New Sorento uses both the Electric Motor as well as the TGDi petrol engine to lunge for a stationery position. At first the Kia Sorento uses its electric motor to drive 25kmph, then the TGDi petrol engine takes over. However, it uses both the electric motor and TGDi petrol engine through power split transmission while accelerating. The new Sorento Hybrid comes with exceptional drive modes; normal, sport, eco, smart, sand, mud and snow modes which gives unmatched thrill on the road.

With 7 air bags, lane keeping system, electronic stability control, traction control system, smart cruise control, lane keeping system, surround view monitor, lane following assist and many more safety features it makes sure the four wheel is planted to the ground and ensures maximum safety to its wheelers. It’s not just the engine and hybrid technology but 2021 Kia Sorento offers a commanding lines of exterior and interior features. The front end features a wide sweeping grille that integrates seamlessly with the LED lights that come as standard. The 12.3- inch all-digital instrument cluster with a flawless easy-to-read display makes screen much more advanced in Kia Sorento. The Blind View Monitor technology projects a live video view of lanes adjacent on the instrument cluster and activates while using the turn signals. The interior flourished with Nappa Leather makes it one of the premium interiors in its segment. Mood lamps, Heads up display, Ventilated electric seats are some features that make 2021 Sorento one of the luxurious SUV.

Like all big SUVs, the all new Sorento stands well in the crowd with its big and bulky body size, aggressive and mean looking front end, beefier 19” alloy wheels, duel LED projection headlamps, full panoramic sunroof and sharper body lines. Occupants inside the vehicle are seated comfortable thanks to a wider wheelbase of 2810 mm. With five different exotic color variations Runway Red, Gravity Blue, Snow white Pearl, Arora Black Pearl and Steel Grey, Kia Sorento EcoHybrid is priced at NRS. 1,69,90,000. The electric element makes the hybrid so much better. The support of the electric powertrain makes a big difference both on the road and at the pump.

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