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Nepal’s Ecommerce Giant Daraz Set to Revolutionize Online Shopping with Daraz Live

Nepal’s Ecommerce Giant Daraz Set to Revolutionize Online Shopping with Daraz Live


The future of online shopping in Nepal is heading towards a new direction as Daraz, Nepal’s leading online marketplace, has announced the launch of South Asia’s first shoppable Live Stream called Daraz Live which will be available on the Daraz mobile application from 1st September 2021. Introduced as a part of their “Shoppertainment” strategy, Daraz Live will focus on creating a blend of retail and entertainment to create an innovative and fun experience for the customer, where they can have a first-hand adjacent experience of brands, products right through the screens of their devices from the comfort of their home.

The first of its kind in Nepal, the Daraz Live stream will be held at three different time periods – 12pm, 4pm and 6pm from Monday to Friday via the Daraz mobile app.
Unlike the typical social media livestream, Daraz Live will create a more seamless and interactive “See Now, Buy Now” experience for customers. With a closed loop model, Daraz Live not only offers customers with the option to buy, it also offers them information, entertainment as well as engagement activities. Each edition of the Daraz Livestream will provide customers a unique opportunity to get to know a brand in depth, it will allow customers and sellers to engage in real-time conversations, it will host engaging and entertainment activities, will host celebrities, and will offer numerous chances for customers to win exciting gifts and rewards every day. On the shopping side, Daraz Live will feature exclusive deals, product demonstrations, flash sales, unboxings, giveaways and more.

Similarly, Daraz Live will also be a great platform for sellers to engage with customers. An online seller generally does not have many opportunities to connect with a customer. With Daraz Live, sellers can easily interact with customers, while at the same time can increase their brand exposure. This will not only benefit the seller in the short run but will help them build a level of trust and connection with customers. “The introduction of Daraz Live is the next step in creating a more vibrant and inclusive ecosystem here in Nepal. With Daraz Live we hope to achieve that by helping build a greater level of connection between the customer and the seller.

We want to build a strong community where everybody has a platform to access any information that they are seeking when it comes to online shopping. We’re confident Daraz Live is that platform. And with that we’re hopeful Daraz Live will play a big part in helping the e-commerce ecosystem grow to new heights” – said Lino Ahlering, Managing Director, Daraz Nepal Android smartphone holders are requested to update their Daraz app to the latest version in order to be able to join the livestream. As for the IOS users, the app update will be available on 6th September. Click the link below to learn more about Daraz Live: https://click.daraz.com.np/e/_6xgjL

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