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Bank of Kathmandu joins hands with Nepal Payment Solutions

Bank of Kathmandu joins hands with Nepal Payment Solutions


Nepal Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (NPS) has reached out their hands to collaborate with Bank of Kathmandu (BOK). Mr. Pratap Shrestha, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and Ms. Simon Shrestha, Business Development Manager of Nepal Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd alongside Mr. Amar Rajbhandari, Head- Card and Tech-Based Service Operations and Mr. Dilan Shakya, Officer- Card and Tech Based Business of Bank of Kathmandu signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations.

With this extend of contract, Nepal Payment Solutions will be able to extend their digital ecosystem alongside BOK and even offer their end customers with developed banking facilities. Furthermore, customers of BOK are facilitated with every services of Nepal Payment Solutions. They can enjoy developed features of Link Account, Wallet and Bank Transfer through its member PSPs, remittance, and others.

Nepal Payment Solution is an aggregator focused on BFIs, Remittance Companies, PSPs, and Business Houses. Altogether, Nepal Payment Solutions are partnered with the majority of A-class, B-class, and C-class banks and other non-bank Financial Institutions. All in all, NPS is a strong fintech force marching alongside 30+ banks, 20+ wallets, and 10+ remittance.

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