Daraz Expands Its Delivery Service to More Than 47 cities – Eyeing Rural Nepal for 2022


Nepal’s leading online marketplace Daraz has announced its intentions to speed up the expansion of its delivery and logistics services to cover as much ground as possible throughout the country in the coming months. Ever since their acquisition by Alibaba in 2018, Daraz’s key focus has been to build a countrywide logistic infrastructure which would not only allow them to increase their footprint but would also aid in creating a better ecommerce ecosystem in the country. This focus seems to be bearing fruit as currently Daraz has expanded its delivery services to more than 47 cities across Nepal.

The diverse geography of Nepal presents lot of hardship for e-commerce companies like Daraz. Amongst which, the lack of proper road networks stands at the very top. Without a proper road network connecting major cities to one another, delivering any sort of goods and services is very difficult. To tackle such an issue, Daraz hired delivery riders who were/are familiar with a particular locality in any given part of the country. These riders or “Delivery Heroes” as Daraz calls them, helps the company in delivering any sort of products to their rightful location wherever it may be.

Currently Daraz has around 15 delivery hubs located throughout the country. These hubs are where customer’s products are shipped to and from. The hubs are as follows:
1. Bir