Leading upto the eve of 11.11, Daraz is hosting a Grand Gala Live for Daraz users with 11 renowned celebrities, and hosts Suraj Singh Thakuri and Malvika Subba. The live show will feature a musical performance by Ness Studio, along with interactive games and amazing prizes including a New TVS Raider for Daraz users viewing at home. The show will be exclusively livestreamed on 10th November through the New Daraz Live feature on the Daraz app.

Livestreaming has been gaining a lot of traction over the past few years- even more following the onset of the COVID pandemic. As more brands, sellers, business and consumers shifted their focus online for a new way of engagement and entertainment, livestreaming seemingly became everyone’s favorite mode on content consumption in a short span of time. As a result, it has now become a massive industry in itself. China’s livestreaming industry alone is reported to be worth around USD 5 billion. And the livestreaming industry as a whole worldwide, is expected to be valued at USD 184.3 billion by 2027.

With that being said, Nepal’s leading online marketplace and part of the Alibaba Group, Daraz introduced the country’s first in-app shoppable livestream called Daraz Live back in September 2021. Leveraging Alibaba’s wealth of experience, insights, and technologies, Daraz introduced this new livestream feature with a vision to reinvent online shopping in Nepal.  By blending retail and entertainment, Daraz Live presents an innovative and fun experience where customers, brands, and sellers will now have a richer experience via real-time interactions, live discussions, product demonstrations, and simultaneous purchasing all through the Daraz app. Viewers can also enjoy more diverse range of content, including product showcases, trivia games, and Q&A sessions.

‘The introduction of Daraz Live is the next step in creating a more vibrant and inclusive ecosystem here in Nepal. With Daraz Live we hope to achieve that by helping build a greater level of connection between the customer and the seller. We want to build a strong community where everybody has a platform to access any information that they are seeking when it comes to online shopping.” said Lino Ahlering, Managing Director at Daraz Nepal.  With Daraz Live, Daraz aims to replicate the success of South East Asia’s leading e-commerce platform LAZADA who’ve also similarly launched their own livestream service called Laz Live. In April 2020, Laz Live gained over 27 million new users and has since become the region most favorite mode of engagement and entertainment. To learn more about campaign and to also win tons of collectable vouchers, Daraz recommends its users to tune in to Daraz Live every day from 1st November via the Daraz app.




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