Nabil Bank and Staremit Co. Ltd. of South Korea enters into a partnership remittance agreement


Nabil Bank has signed a partnership remittance agreement with STAREMIT Co. Ltd. of South Korea during a program held at Kathmandu. Under this partnership, Nepalese migrant workers in South Korea will be able to securely transfer money to their family, friends, and loved ones based in Nepal. The remittances will be available instantly for cash pickup through 15,000+ Nabil Remit agent locations across all regions of Nepal. The transferred money can also be instantly deposited to any bank account(s) with popular wallet providers in Nepal.

Nabil Bank offers many additional value-added services to its remittance customers, which include saving deposit account with special features for remitters, smart digital banking services for domestic/overseas use, and customized easy loan facilities. Moreover, the Bank offers priority service support for all remittance-related queries through its remittance support center.
Anil Keshary Shah, CEO of Nabil Bank, and Rudra Sharma, President/Chairman of Staremit Co. Ltd. have signed the agreements. During the event, Shah and  Sharma addressed a gathering of prospective migrant workers for South Korea.

They both highlighted the importance of having sound financial awareness and making informed investment decisions with savings. The program highlighted the opportunities and financial access available in Nepal for returning workers, and how using formal channels when sending funds from abroad is not only safe but also helps provide a foundation of personal growth through sound financial history.

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